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Forensic & Threat Intelligence Advisory

Due to the proliferation of endpoints and an escalation of cybersecurity attacks in general, Digital Forensics and Incidents Response have become central within the organization’s security strategy and threat hunting-capabilities. The shift to the cloud, as well as the acceleration of remote-based work, has further heightened the need for organizations to ensure protection from a wide variety of threats across all devices that are connected to the network.

We pride ourselves on being a leader in incident response and bringing control, stability, and organization to what can become a chaotic event.

Our DFIR experts help companies improve their digital forensics and incident response operations by:

  1. Responding to incidents with speed and precision.
  2. Following a consistent process when investigating and evaluating incidents.
  3. Minimizing data loss or theft, as well as reputational harm, as a result of a cybersecurity attack.
  4. Recovering from security events more quickly and with limited disruption to business operations.


We design projects that provide you with opportunities to create a cyberwarfare defense plan that incorporates our unique in-house concepts. We;

  • Describe security issues within a supply chain.
  • Identify the most likely cyber threat to a critical infrastructure and apply the Cyber Kill Chain.
  • Apply the Adversary Model to a cyberattack group.
  • Ensure defense in depth of a network and its underlying computers, devices, and data.
  • Outline mission assurance processes for a critical infrastructure.
  • Identify relevant industrial control systems (ICSs), network defense technologies, and networkoperational procedures.

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